The Bros Talking Soccer Podcast is an independent soccer podcast from the three Knittel brothers. We discuss stories from around the soccer world on our (at least) weekly episodes. Whether you’re a new soccer fan or someone who’s been following the beautiful game your whole life, Bros Talking Soccer has something for you.

We record every episode live on our YouTube channel, usually on Sundays. You can find our podcast on all major podcasting platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, RadioPublic, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and TuneIn.


Episodes are broken into segments approximately 15 minutes long; each brother chooses the structure and topics for his segment. Every episode includes an intro, listener questions, and an outro – the total podcast length hovers around an hour. Guests with their own soccer podcast or an intense passion for the sport occasionally make appearances. Each guest has the opportunity to be a “brother for a day” and host a podcast segment.

Our interest in soccer has a global reach, so we cover a wide range of topics. Generally, we focus on topics involving US Soccer, the Premier League, MLS, and the major European leagues. We also dabble in discussing South American soccer, women’s soccer, FIFA, and many other topics.

We bring a unique blend of soccer knowledge, sibling rivalry, and fun to every podcast.

Release Schedule

We usually record live on Sundays. Our episodes are typically edited and released the same day.


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Dave Knittel - Dave is the oldest Knittel brother. He’s an avid Philadelphia Union, Liverpool, and US National Team supporter. He’s originally from Philly but now resides in Silicon Valley with his wife. He has more than 100 soccer scarves from his travels hung in his small apartment. In addition to being the podcast host, Dave also does much of the work behind the scenes, including editing the podcast and posting Bros Talking Soccer content across social media. Find Dave on Twitter: @Dknits11.

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Christian Knittel - Christian is the “middle Knittel” brother. He is a Liverpool, FC Barcelona, US National Team, and Philadelphia Union supporter. He’s a proud SOB (Sons of Ben) member, the Union’s supporters group. He tears it up on the pitch for Colonial Soccer Club, a team in the Philadelphia suburbs, as a utility player. His ability to play all 11 positions has likened him to James Milner among his friends and teammates. Christian is currently working as an accountant for a FinTech company. Christian also posts for Bros Talking Soccer, mainly on Twitter – his style is characterized by his blunt statements. Find Christian on Twitter: @cknittel12.

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Matt Knittel - Matt is the youngest Knittel brother and is finishing up college at Penn State University and will soon be moving to Houston, TX. He’s a US National Team & Man City supporter. In between his studies, Matt enjoys lifting, playing video games, and watching lots of soccer. Formerly an attacking midfielder, he'll still play some pickup now and then. Find Matt on Twitter: @MatthewKnittel.


We currently have 19 reviews on iTunes with an average rating of 5-stars. Below are some reviews:

“If you like podcasts, this is one. I cannot vouch for their legal or biological brotherhood. But if you like talking and you like soccer, these three are all about BOTH! In seriousness, nice PL and USMNT coverage. Less MLS talk may have been [because] of International Break. I subscribe to few ‘casts. I have made the Bros’ one. Can tell they have played, loved the game all their lives, and the lead host sounds experienced in media and moderation.” -SoccernoobUSA

“This podcast shows meaningful discussion about the game we all love. I’d recommend it to anyone!“ -Best review ever

“I’ve been living my life listening to football pundits without beards and now I have these three with the beautiful beards and beautiful football minds. What a time to be alive“ -Aj shopesee

“Funny and entertaining“ -majdos95

“These brothers not only know their stuff but also you can tell the love and dedication they have to the beautiful game. Can’t hype up this show enough so just listen to it right now.” -Gunners610

Where To Find Us

Every episode is hosted on SoundCloud. In the podcast show notes, on our website, and on, we include a short summary of the entire episode, as well as a one-sentence summary for each topic discussed. Time-stamps are listed, which allow listeners to jump directly to segments or topics of interest. The audio and video recordings for every episode are embedded on the podcast’s website, as well as on  

You can find the podcast on most major podcast platforms including:


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Twitter: @BTSoccerPod
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